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If you think about our current lifestyle, you will realize that the way we live our lives is mainly subject to the convenience of utility assistance. From electricity, appliances to countless gadgets, where our modern comfort and well-being would be incomprehensible without these things.

 In the previous years, another utility has crawled upon us to where current life would be unimaginable without it: High-speed internet availability. This brought our lives to the most impossible things that we think of. 

As this pandemic broke out, we have come to understand more of its importance. With the internet as its foundation, Streaming media companies, video game makers and consumer staples have stood up and gained ground to keep everyone entertained in the solace of their homes as everyone across the globe has actualized “stay-at-home” orders. 

With television and related virtually scripted reality programs compelled to shut down their shows; video streaming is quietly becoming a new trend. Streaming site Netflix for instance is one of the top grossed services providing shares up to 30% in 2020. 

It is not surprising why video streaming is becoming a trend across the Globe, generally because it provides people with the comfort and entertainment they’ve been longing for a long time.

To enlighten you up with this video and live streaming thing, we will cover the most interesting facts that will surely provide you enough information on how it works and how its advantages benefit you as a streamer and as a host of video streaming.

What is video streaming?

Video streaming from the internet seems to be new and futuristic but it actually isn’t. It just feels like this because of its convenience to its users. 

And from here you might ask what is a video streaming and why is it so convenient to its users? So here it goes. In a nutshell, video streaming enables information and content to be constantly conveyed by means of a network system or internet to its viewers. 

That is to say, a user doesn’t need to download a file to play it. Rather, the media is sent in a persistent stream of information and is automatically played as it shows up. 

How does video streaming work?

Video streaming requires an information or data provider to host pre-recorded media documents on a remote server. Viewers who have a suitable video player are then ready to associate with this server to get to the video content. 

During the streaming procedures, the video document information is compacted and sent to the requesting gadget in little packets over a network system or internet. The viewers’ player decompresses the streamed file and sets it out on the screen. 

This implies that the viewer can begin viewing the video without waiting for a whole file to download, consequently improving the user experience.

Advantages of video streaming

There are numerous advantages to utilizing video live streaming services to host your event. Video live streaming services can be successful and significant in wide range contexts, including promotions, advertisements, live declarations, online classes, social gatherings, etc. 

Companies can likewise utilize live streaming to improve and amplify direct communication with the audience and network accomplices. Regardless of whether utilized by Companies or normal people, video live streaming bears you the chance to reach and interact with more people across the borders and seas. 

The following are some of the advantages of video streaming.


You have the adaptability to utilize assorted types of content and interactive media, including pictures, text, and live talk. You can even access diverse presentation methodologies.


You will get prompt access to movies anywhere and anytime. Few streaming sites and platforms charge a month to month expense, and consequently, you get full access to their programming.

Wider audience

In-person events are typically restricted to the space accessible at a given setting. With live video streaming, nonetheless, you can welcome the same number of audience as you like to “join in” your event. 

You can reach anybody through live streaming, as you are not, at this point restricted by topographical or size imperatives. Your only restriction with live video streaming is your server capacity.

No-Download Time

Streaming sites have made it less difficult for people to watch their preferred shows without agonizing over download time. All you need is a stable and high-speed internet connection for you to watch any show you like.

Easy to use

A typical misconception about video streaming is that it’s excessively difficult to set up for normal people to pull off. In actuality, video streaming can be misleadingly basic. All you need is an important video and sound gear, high-speed internet, an encoder, and a streaming media platform.

No Need for Memory Space

Since there are no downloads included, you don’t need to stress over coming up short on memory space. Downloading large documents may occupy immense space on your PC, which may affect the overall performance of your PC.

Playback options

Video streaming doesn’t require downloading a file or documents just to play it again, you can instantly play back the video you’re watching.

Many Streaming Options 

Video streaming sites do not have so many limits and restrictions, regardless of how many times you stream a movie as long as you have paid your membership.

Customer support

It tends to be tricky to troubleshoot issues with practically no past experience. Utilizing video streaming services implies that you will have somebody to help you if unforeseen issues do emerge. 

A reliable video streaming platform will give you continuous user assistance and will guide you through any challenges you experience.



How do you do video streaming?

Ecamm Live is a video streaming application for Macs as it were. It’s financially savvy, particularly when you consider all the highlights it has. Ecamm Live is anything but difficult to utilize. It incorporates Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch, Restream, Switchboard Live, and RTMP.

Wirecast is an efficient video streaming and production tool from Telestream. It can be installed in Macs or Windows-based PCs. It centers on creating proficient live streaming and has some propelled highlights.

Vmix-is an efficient video streaming and production tool that runs in Macs and Windows-based Pcs. V Mix was developed starting from the earliest stage of Windows-based PCs and supports various graphic cards. It permits you to do exceptionally incredible things like multicasting, recording, and ISO recording easily. It likewise permits you to redo and customize pretty much everything.

Streamyard-It’s extremely simple to use since it’s a web application and works through your program. It incorporates all main live streaming platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope. Furthermore, it permits you to multicast – communicate to more than one platform simultaneously. It permits you to have up to 9 people on your show and you can feature remarks on the screen.

Zoom is essentially a video conferencing and webinar platform. You can have virtual meetings from 2 individuals up to 500 and webinars with up to 10,000 members. It recently included a live video streaming component that permits you to live stream your event to Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

JetWebinar is a webinar platform where you can do real-time and high-quality broadcast streams to large number of attendees. Your stream will be downloaded directly to the cloud and it will be accessible to all types of devices. 

These are just some of the popular tools that are being utilized in hosting video streaming. There are actually more tools out there, but for now, you might consider using these tools.

Steps on starting your own Video Streaming

  • Utilize your software – The foundation of any video streaming broadcast is the program or software that powers it. There are two principal software components you ought to be worried about, first is the encoding software and the video playback or online video platform that is presenting your live stream through a video player on the web. In any case, ensure your software permits switching between different cameras, realistic overlays, video playback, and high-goal recording, etc.
  • Choose a high-definition camera – Having the right choice for camera equipment can have a significant effect with regards to live video streaming. For small broadcasts, it is most likely to search up for a camera that sets both sound and video in a single gadget or device.
  • Set up your cables One thing that can frequently be neglected is the cables needed to connect most of the technical stuff, from cameras, PCs, lights internet and so on that are fundamental for broadcasting. Do the cables have enough length to make to outlets? The stage? Be sure to consider this necessity in your video streaming event.
  • Set up your production, lighting, sounds, etc. – With regards to the actual production of video streaming events, the two most significant components other than the camera are lighting and sound. Without great lighting, you can’t see the subject and the quality of your video goes down. On the off chance that you have great lighting but no stable sound it’s more likely to become a problem. The great sound can make everything alright! Sound with terrible lighting still makes the content usable later in different settings like digital broadcasts and so forth. But remember that it would be better if you will manage to set up everything right.
  • Set up your internet connection and power – Most importantly you are going to require electrical power for lights, cameras, encoders, sound equipment, and mixers. The suggested power load arrangement for live video streaming is a 20-amp circuit. With respect to the Internet, ensure you broadcast over a hard-wired internet connection and not by means of a wireless system. We suggest having at any rate two T3 associations designed ethernet, 10Mbp minimum transfer speed. Have IT at the area open ports 1935, 80, and 443 to take into consideration a lot of inbound and outbound traffic.

So as to effectively execute the sixth step you have to ensure you have executed stages 1-5 completely. The most ideal approach to do that is to make a live streaming agenda which records your equipment needed, the sequence of your show, possible drawbacks or things you may require from the scene to fill the gaps in your checklist. 

On the off chance that you’ve done every one of these things, then you are ready for your video streaming. Finally, concentrate on the presentation and the content you are attempting to pass on through live video.


As you see, video streaming is easier than it might seem. If you think that you are capable of doing this and you accept the challenges- full ahead try it yourself, and whenever you find this task exceeds your skills and expertise you can always find ways to solve the problem.

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