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Right now, turning our stuff online is the best option to avoid us from more exposure to the said virus. On the other hand, there are lots of online meeting platforms that can help us cope up with our current situations. 

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is one of the tools that can help us survive and save us in this time of the pandemic. But what is a webinar anyway? 

Webinar meaning, a kind of seminar that is conducted through the internet. In the webinar, you can host a virtual meeting without any hassle to find the right place for your seminar. 

By using the webinar, you can share, give, and receive files, you can also listen and discuss some things with your attendees without leaving your comfort zone. They can simply attend and watch your seminar just download webinar software to your laptop/computer or any smartphones. 

A webinar is also a powerful marketing tools technique that will allow you to connect with others, train a newbie, and increase your profit.

There are different types of webinars that can help you have a successful webinar hosting. Cvent listed some of the webinars that are currently available right now, but we’ll be adding more to the list.  Let us define each type.

Live Webinars

In live webinars, you need to send out the invitation via email.  in that way, your audience can sign up and open the special link you provided for them so that they can attend to your live webinar. 

The advantages of this live webinar are:

  • You can engage with your attendees
  • You can discuss things to make it clearer
  • You can connect with your top fans, and most of all they will feel you and your content because of the emotional connections you showed to them in real-time.  

Meanwhile, it’s one of the biggest problems when it comes to live webinar is the possibility to encounter some technical issue, but you can prevent it from happening if you have plan b. 

On Demand Webinar

It is a recorded live event and you can re-use that content at any convenience. 

Advantages of On Demand Webinar:

  • You can edit out your mistake
  • You can redo your recording until you are satisfied with our record
  • You can add effects, graphics, presentation slides or even a filter 
  • It is ideal for those who have stage fright but still want to be a host. 

On the other hand, one of its disadvantages is that you will lack audience engagement and interactions. 

Simulive Webinar

We also have here what they called simulive. It is simply replaying the recorded webinar as if it is a live webinar. Simulive brings pre-recorded content to a live event and presents it to the audience. 

It has also interactive tools that you can use to answer some questions from people viewing your webinar. One of the tools you can use is the Q&A text widgets where the speaker can send a text to answer the question raised by the audience in real-time. 

But one of its disadvantages is that your simulive must be clean, the editor must edit the video and audio you recorded. 

The last one is the sponsored webinar; it works by paying the third party to promote your brand or content or even your webinar itself to their attendees and participants. It is ideal for those who want to achieve measurable results, who want to raise awareness of their brand, it is also beneficial for those looking to make money using a webinar.  

Sponsored webinars also have disadvantages, one of these is that it takes a lot of time, and effort to promote your content, or to deal with your sponsor and it is a little costly.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

Typically, webinars are between 40-60 minutes long, but it depends on your event. How does the work? 

It works but first you need to choose a topic for your webinar, your topic should be interesting so that you can catch as many audiences as you can, but how? If you have done a webinar many times before, then you should have a list of common interests you notice among your customers, attendees, or even clients and use it as your topic now. 

But if you are a newbie with a webinar and have no experience before, you can conduct some questions or a poll to ask them during your event. So that you will come up with interesting topics, and you can use it as webinar marketing tools. 

After choosing your topic, next, you need to organize your webinar planning template, create some catchy slide deck, and of course, create a marketing plan to promote your webinar. In addition, there are advantages of using webinars in your businesses, companies, or even if you are an ordinary individual.

These people use webinars to increase their marketplace, reach new sales contacts, clients, and even consumers or audiences. Webinars are done to build and generate high-quality sales leads and to still communicate and engaged even in this scary time where social distancing is highly observed.

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What are Webinar platforms?

Now, let’s talk about the webinar platform, what is it anyway? Webinar platform will authorize you to sell to an audience in your live presentation, including slides, video, and audio interactions such as chats, polls, Q&, and other offers. 

Some examples of webinar platforms are:

  • Demio- ideal for businesses and companies that are required to run their operations online because of the coronavirus.
  • GoToWebinar – you are allowed to stream live webinars and then mail the recording to your attendees once it is done, this one is great for corporates who only seek for live webinar hosting.
  • ClickMeeting – a tool that offers a lot of features that can help you, it offers some tools that you will not get on other webinar platforms, this is for serious webinar marketers.
  • WebinarsOnAir which gives you all the webinar features and tools you need, it might be exaggerated, but hey! I said it because it is backed up by a lot of features and tools, plus they also have unique ones to use, this is for ones who need to do webinar marketing that is great for your budget. 

Lastly, we have JetWebinar. One of the best and modern options to choose if you are hosting virtual conferences and webinars. 

JetWebinar is ideal for a large number of participants and events, due to its limitless capacity when it comes to attendees. It can stream high-quality content and it will be downloaded directly to the cloud. Your webinar will be accessible to all types of devices without the need to download any application or software. 

These are only some examples of the webinar platform that you can choose and try. 

What to consider when choosing a webinar platform?

There’s a lot of things to consider when you choose the best webinar platform. It should be easy to use, accessible to your audience, easy to set-up, offers poll, Q&A, and surveys before, during and after the event.

The webinar platform should also be user-friendly, have a one-click invitation function, high-quality live video and audio, and seamless streaming.

You can also check on this article to have more information and tips about having a successful digital event


While we are in the environment wherein we lock-up in our own home; businesses, companies, and even individuals are moving forward with their own techniques and strategies with creativity to stand up and handle the situations as they walk in the new normal virtual space. A webinar gives us an easy, efficient, and accessible path by connecting to others and interacting with our target audience. 

There are some great webinar platforms out there, as you choose which webinar platform is the best for your needs and your purposes; experience, try and experiment is the best way to find out which one is the best and suitable for you. 

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