Spy, Steal, and Grow: Risk-free Way To Face Off With Your Competitors Using Google AdWords To Clone Their Webinar Marketing Strategies

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Getting registrants to your webinar landing pages isn’t just about placing ads. Sometimes you have to be tricky about how you do it.

The goal is to boost the visibility of your webinars. Developing marketing strategies around the methods your most successful competitors use can help.

You can use Google AdWords to discover what your competitors are doing. This lays the groundwork for your own marketing strategies and even allows you to out-compete your competitors. If you do it right, you can ethically steal their paid ad space for webinars.

Start with this Google AdWords growth hack

Start by researching some of your competitors and their webinar marketing strategies. Programs like Spyfu, Simlarweb, and Semrush offer great insight into the websites you’re researching. Use at least one of these sites. (I recommend using all of them.)

To use these programs, enter the URL for competing websites in their search bars. This should pull up information that shows whether they have a paid ad strategy with Google.

If you’re not getting any results, delete everything after .com, .net, .io, and .org, etc. and search with just the original domain. You should get results and data.

During the investigation process, navigate through multiple pages from your competitors. Take a good look at the advertisements and content you find. You might have to do some extra digging using these strategies to see where you can find a webinar registration page.

Here’s what to do next:

Step 1: Check for best-performing elements

If you can uncover which elements perform best for competitors, you can use these strategies in your own webinar marketing.

  • Check for the best performing ad sets
  • Check paid advertisements to find highest-performing ads
  • Check which keywords are working best

Step 2: Investigate the traffic trivia

Check the backlinks to see if competitors are getting traffic to their sites. If so, where is that traffic coming from? When you know how the main sites are getting traffic, you’ll also be able to find out how competitors are driving traffic to their webinar landing pages.

Step 3: What’s their focus?

Now you’ll want to check both their paid ads and backlinks. Are they focusing on promoting their webinars, or are they just promoting content?

 Step 4: What are their target websites?

Create a list of sites that are similar to the ones your competitors are promoting to. You can even include the ones your competitors are using.

Apply the information you gathered to boost your business growth

By this time, you’ll have a feel for a few things, including:

  • what keywords work best
  • what kinds of ads are converting
  • the kind of websites your competitors are targeting.

You can use this information to tweak your own webinar marketing strategies.

If competitors are promoting content, think about purchasing ad space from the same website giving traffic to your competitors.

You could also buy ad space from a similar site. Choosing a similar site that’s in direct competition to the site that your competitors get traffic from might be a good move. [I cover this strategy in the Webinar Traffic Hacks Folder]

Next, start advertising your webinar on the site you choose to buy ad space from.

That brings us to another Google AdWords hack.

Ethically Steal Competitors Webinar Traffic Using AdWords

Perhaps people aren’t signing up for your webinars because they’re already signing up for your competitor’s webinars. In this case, you can sweep some of your competitor’s traffic into your own webinar funnels.

You can ethically steal their traffic by taking their advertising space.

I’m going to walk you through the process step-by-step so you can take over and get more people to your webinars.

Get your information in order

If you haven’t already, start by browsing through the Traffic Growth Hacking Folder.

Using the information you find there, draw some conclusions. How are your competitors getting webinar registrants? Where are they getting them from? Which marketing mediums are they using?  

You’ll be targeting specific websites to take over your competitor’s traffic. If you went through the Growth Hacking Folder, you have all the information you need for each of your top competitor websites. This includes the following:

  • Where they are marketing to
  • How much they are bidding
  • Top performing keywords and websites that generating them leads
  • How much you need to spend to take over your competitors’ low hanging fruit

As a quick side note, all of this information is available via Spyfu and SEMRush.

Use the information to steal advertising space

Once the information is gathered, follow these steps and the image tutorial below to ethically steal your competitor’s paid advertising space.

Step 1: Login to your AdWords account

Step 2: Create a new campaign and choose ‘Display Network Only’

Step 3: Choose your marketing objective or goal. Depending on your marketing strategy and where the prospects are at in the funnel, you could send them directly to a webinar registration page or to an ad-copy landing page. The landing page should lead to the registration page. Cold leads should probably see some ad copy first.

If you’re doing this for the first time, you can set your budget (see below) and skip the other settings for now.

Step 4: Determine your CPC. You’ll need to look at the CPC that your competitors are currently bidding at (from the Spyfu or SEMrush information you already gathered). When you’re setting your CPC up, make sure your bid is at least $0.50-$1 higher than the bids your competitors have set.

Step 5: Choose ‘Placements’ as your targeting method.

Step 6: Enter load, location and language credentials settings.

Step 7: Enter in the list of URLs you want to target.

This is the fun part. You can enter the URLs of sites that your competitors are advertising on or the other ones you’ve listed. The higher CPC should increase your AdRank and bump your ads to the top of the list.

This means possible webinar registrants could see your ads before they see webinar ads for your competitors.



Investigating your competitor’s webinar marketing strategies can give you a lot of insight. If they’re successful, the things you learn from them can be a springboard for your own promotion efforts. In conjunction with other software, Google AdWords can give you some great insight into techniques and targets that could increase the number of webinar registrants you get.

Using the information you gather, you can ethically steal marketing space. Not only is this a smart webinar marketing move, but it’s kind of fun, too.

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