How to make your webinars interactive? Tips and Tricks

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The fast flare-up of the coronavirus presents a disturbing health crisis emergency that the world is wrestling with. In addition to the effects on humans, there is likewise a huge business sway being felt across the globe. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought quick-moving and unforeseen factors, some of which existing emergency plans and groups weren’t set up to deal with and as this virus knows no boundaries, the effects will keep on spreading.  

While this virus continues to spread negative business impacts, Companies pondered new techniques to adapt to these challenges. Companies are now utilizing social media and webinar platforms for a variety of business use. 

Online collaborative services such as webinars, webcasts and social media platforms are of its great value in this time of pandemic where it can be used as a medium in promoting, digital advertising and launching new products and services as well as generating quality leads.  

The features of webinars are perfectly fit to satisfy customer experience. Though activities are being held online which is past real gatherings, these webinar platforms allow the audience to engage and experience activities that are usually perceived to be done on actual gatherings only.

What is a Webinar?

As face to face gatherings and marketing events have gotten unfeasible during this pandemic, webinars are filling the gap as a medium to continue marketing activities. However, before diving further on how webinars become a preferred position for businesses during this crisis, how about we dive further on what a webinar is.

Here is a simple webinar definition: It is an online event where speaker or speakers demonstrates a presentation to large attendees who partake by submitting questions, reacting to surveys, and utilizing other accessible intelligent devices. 

Webinar platforms are not quite the same as online meeting platforms, which are intended to allow little gatherings to meet and work together progressively. They’re additionally not the same as streaming media like recordings, which don’t give the audience any approach to draw in with the content.

Use of a webinar

Using webinars allow you to brand your products and showcase your marketing activities as well as building your authority. During the event, you can directly talk to your audience while demonstrating your products’ features.

In the same manner, webinars allow your audience to engage interactively to your event by questioning and criticizing. Webinars offer you the chance to furnish authoritative information that will eventually build your value to your customers as well as their trust in your services.

Webinars can generate more leads. Webinars usually require registration from your audience and by this, you can generate more leads by listing a large email list that can be helpful on your next events.

You can launch and advertise your new products. Thinking of how to expand your products’ visibility? A webinar is the best medium for your digital advertising.

1.       It allows you to demonstrate your product

2.       Allows your audience to inquire

3.       It allows you to advertise your future webinars

Advantage of a Webinar

There are many reasons why you should consider utilizing webinar platforms for your business. One of the fundamental reasons is that it helps you to increment the contents accessible to your invested audience online. 

Every session you have helps you to provide better user experience by addressing normal inquiries and concerns held by your customers, clients, or prospects. This makes a rich assortment of data that isn’t just pertinent to current assets of your business but to your future human assets as well.

Each online meeting you host will expose your participants to your products or services over and over. Eventually, your brand image will turn out to be progressively essential to your target audience. Your products and services will most likely be the interest of your audience due to frequent exposure to your brand elements.

Webinars are among the best digital advertising devices accessible to businesses today. One of the fundamental reasons behind this is that they are better in utilizing the engagement of the audience than for instance, traditional marketing presentations.

Webinars are accessible worldwide. Webinars allow your digital advertising to stretch its compass to anybody across the globe conveniently given that they have access to web devices. Your marketing activities will not be limited to your geographical reach only but also across the globe.

Webinars can also benefit you financially. Unlike actual meetings and gatherings where it requires a large sum of money, webinars are actually reducing these costly expenses. 

This not just guarantees that they look after the close, one-on-one contact with everybody in their network, however, it likewise permits them to develop their system by means of bigger, and one-to-many marketing.

Why is engagement important in Webinars?

Remember that your content is intently made for a better user experience. Thus, there is no point in running a webinar when your audience is not collaboratively engaging in your presentation. 

Engagement of your audience will help you gauge how invested they are and how effective your webinar is. Apparently, if your audience is being distracted during your webinar, it implies that there is something wrong with your presentation. 

While this can be stressing you can follow these steps to maintain engagement of your audience.

Let viewers interact while purchasing products and services

While introducing and branding your products allow your audience to comment and throw inquiries regarding it. Your audience will more likely to be engaged if their questions are being addressed and being provided with corresponding answers. 

Your audience might be distracted anytime while listening to your presentation so make your presentation hard to miss, tell them that every part of your branding is necessary and not be missed. 

You can also make your presentation lively and appealing where it includes relevant trivia regarding your products. Remember that your audience will stay if they find your presentation interesting so don’t limit yourself on satisfying your customers’ experience.


Always give them great customer experience or great user experience 

There is no greater feeling than the joy you get by satisfying your customers’ experience. It is a great idea to make your presentation special not only because you have to do it for your business but also for the satisfaction of your audience.

How to have great interaction or engagement in webinars?

Curate your content

Know your objective

Objectives and goals for your online course may appear to be very comparable; however, you must keep in mind small differences between these two terms. Your online meetings’ goal is the general expectation of your event.

While the objective is a particular and quantifiable outcome you need to accomplish to arrive at your goal. To be able to recognize these terms will help you to assess your objectives and goals. 

If your goal is to brand your products then your objectives could be 90% of attendance rate and 80% satisfaction rate. In this case, you might be asking these questions to yourself, how many participants should be at your event? What will be the most engaging content to deliver to satisfy your customers’ experience? What digital advertising strategies to be used?

Without appropriate webinar objectives and targets, you won’t have enough course for your event. Without a built-up purpose, your live webinar won’t carry a huge or central change to your business.

Know your Audience

Expecting a positive result depends on how well you know your audience. Placing their inclination into your thought of making your content maybe is the wisest thing you may do. 

Consider making your online meeting content that will be appropriate for your intended audience. You can utilize your social media platforms by using polls as well as surveys to assess the topic likings of your audience.

Know your topic

Think of a relevant topic. As mentioned earlier your topic will be your magnet to attract and sustain the attention of your audience, therefore, you should create a content which is: 

  • Timely
  • Relevant
  • Concrete
  • Captivating

Have a webinar platform

Search up for top webinar platforms and check all the features. You should consider some major features intended to improve your online presentation and information sharing experience. 

You should choose the platform that allows a moderator to:

  • share a slideshow
  • stream recordings
  • draw in with members through a live content visit
  • set up surveys
  • transfer reports that help the conversation
  • record the whole gathering to be imparted to the individuals who couldn’t make it

One of the best webinar platforms to use is JetWebinar. If you want a seamless, high quality, and limitless webinar platform then you must utilize JetWebinar. 

Your webinar will be uploaded directly to the cloud and will be available on every type of device. Its technology makes your webinar engaging by having real-time communication that will also be uploaded to the cloud. 

If you want to start your webinar now, you can click here.

Do digital Advertising

Be that as it may, it’s insufficient to simply make online courses. You can’t simply anticipate that individuals should join all of a sudden and go to your webinar. 

You need to put forth an attempt to advance it. The most ideal approach to advance your online course is through social media platforms. 

Your webinar should be advanced on all communicating channels such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram, etc. You can create infographics along with all of the information about your webinar as well as the video gist of your presentation.

Remember that the focal point of your advertising should be via web-based networking media and the channels your audience utilizes the most. When you pick the most proficient channel for your advertising, as indicated by your persona’s profile, this implies you won’t burn through your time, cash, and exertion on something that presumably wouldn’t help you in your ultimate objective.

You can also utilize some tools to increase your webinar attendees for more engagements. You can take a look at our previous post about tools that can help you get more audience. 

Provide pleasing visuals

When hosting a webinar, it’s not always been easy to draw and encourage engagements from your attendees. In fact, according to research it only took 8 seconds for an average man to be distracted with the things around him. 

Apparently, webinars last for 1 or more hours. So, if you are expecting your audience to be more engaged in your presentation you should ensure that your webinars’ presentation and designs use appealing visuals for better user experience

Regardless of your webinars’ purpose, regardless of whether it’s to sell something or catch drives, it’s critical to ensure light and pleasing ambiance of your presentation. This will make it simpler to keep up your audiences’ commitment and engagement.

Encourage conversation

The more interactive webinars are, the more viewers will feel that they are a piece of the discussion. That in turn will make them stay and invested in your presentation. 

Don’t be selfish and let your presentation have a healthy dialogue between you and your attendees. Of course, you will do most of the talks but consider your attendees’ inquiries and comments to maintain a healthy conversation. 

The following strategies can help you maintain a good conversation with your audience. 


Q&A Section

One way to maintain an engaging presentation is by having a question and answer portion. Allow your audience to throw questions and comments and address them politely. 

But keep in mind that in answering someone’s’ question, you should not focus your attention on that “someone”, you should address the question by delivering your answer to all of your attendees. This strategy will keep your audiences’ focus on track with your presentation.

Live Chat

As I mentioned earlier preaching rather than conversing will likely to give negative impacts on your presentation so you should utilize live chats to address your audience in real-time.

Polls and Surveys

As well as live chat and question and answer portion, Polls and surveys are also one of the strategies to keep audiences’ engaged in your presentation. By this, you can assess how your presentation went as well as the audiences’ preferences and interests. These assessments will help you to make a better presentation on your future webinars.

Share Actionable Information

In case you’re not making noteworthy substance, you’re likely utilizing your time and exertion to make online events that just won’t produce results. Not for your business, and furthermore not for your audience.

To keep your audiences engaged in your presentation try to create a noteworthy content where it can be easily implemented and acted upon by your audience.  At the point when viewers discover your presentation to be beneficial and have a positive encounter connecting with your content. 

They will be bound to draw in with your brand all in all. Since noteworthy content helps the intended interest group easily execute the means to take care of an important issue of theirs, this kind of content can create a deal of traffic and leads.

End with a Compelling CTA (Call to Action)

In marketing, your Call to Action is the piece of your advertisement that mentions to your intended interest group. These are what they ought to do once they hit your website or landing page. 

Remember that these CTAs assume a central job in business procedures thus must be crafted carefully. So how do you craft compelling CTAs? Consider the following examples to be guided.

  • Start with a strong command verb
  • Be brief and concise, the substance of CTAs is all that matters.  You can start your CTAs with words like “purchase now”, “shop” “order” etc.
  • Use words that can provoke emotions
  • Provide reasons why your audience should take the desired action
  • Be creative

There are many strategies to make a compelling CTA and the above mentioned are few of them. Remember that CTA’s can take different forms

For instance, it can be in a form of downloadable ebook where the audience can be directed to your social media accounts. Whatever forms your CTA may take remember to craft it carefully.

Always do Post-Webinar Follow-Up!

The first thing you should consistently do after your session is to start catching up with your audience. Keep in mind that a lot of important realizations might strike your audience.

After your event, for instance, your audience won’t buy products during your event but eventually realized how useful your products are. There’s a good chance that they will find further information about your webinar so it is necessary to establish Post webinar Follow-up

You might consider the following strategies to keep in track with your audience.

  •  Provide a follow-up email within 24 hours of your webinar
  • Add surveys to your follow-up emails
  • Include a call to action on your emails

Master Your Delivery

Know your content

Practice makes perfect! Before running your session, take a couple of minutes to practice your speech. Try to speak in front of the mirror while recording and practice delivering your piece smoothly. This measure can boost your confidence in your actual conference. 

Have Confidence

It takes time to build confidence especially when facing various people. But when you master yourself and gain this confidence it will give you the face of authority that you can use in running your own webinar. The level of confidence you have will help you to attract more prospects as well as developing yourself to be a  tough leader.

Put Your Audience First

Your audience is the reason why you started a webinar in the first place so it is a grave mistake not having them on your top priority. Putting your audience on top of your priorities implies that you have to offer them the great service you have.

After all your audience impact will be your overall assessment for your presentation. 

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