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Because of this Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing measures and travel bans are being practiced to contain the widespread of the virus. That is why people are left with no choice but to turn their canceled meetings and postponed events into online ones, in order to make everyone safe while continuing their business and corporate matters. 

Businesses and companies are thinking about what are the other ways to stay connected with their teammates, clients, and other stockholders. Because of what we are experiencing right now, companies and businesses are being forced to use virtual meetings, online meetings, virtual event marketing, and even video conferencing. 

On the other side, taking up new different ways of opportunity in these times of new normal is not bad at all. Companies and businesses can incorporate locally-hosted activities that include live stream conferences and interactive sessions. 

Participants can take part in the event or conference from their safety zones. 

What are Virtual Events

So, what is a virtual event anyway? From its word “virtual”, according to google, virtual means not physically existing, it appeared through a computer, especially over a network. 

Virtual events are not new, in fact, it was popular way back in the late ’90s and it became more popular when the pandemic hit many countries. A virtual event is an online event that includes interacting, engaging, and communicating in an online world on the web. 

They are modern solutions to an old-time event where participants can have a variety of options for how and when they want to participate. These virtual events usually feature webinars and webcasts. 

Everyone now embraces the virtual world, though this cannot replace the physical communication of people. The webinar, virtual meeting or online meeting, virtual summits, blogging, podcasting, and also video conferencing are some features of these virtual events.


Web-based seminar or also known as a webinar, it authorizes the attendees or the participant to listen and ask questions to each other through a webcam. Also, webinar software allows people to stay connected, engaged, and share information with a large audience. 

So meaning webinar is also suitable for companies which can perform some meetings and event, also suitable for businesses that can run some live conferencing

Virtual meeting / Online Meeting

Virtual meeting or online meeting is transmitted via online. An online meeting can be used by only using audio and video conferencing. 

Therefore, people can stay in touch wherever they are across the world. The only thing you have is an internet connection, laptop/computer, or any smart devices that have a camera and microphone. 

This online meeting or virtual meeting is indeed efficient and ideal tools for companies and other businesses to cope up with what’s happening right now, to still connect with their customers, co-workers, and even partners.

Online Corporate Events / Virtual Summits

Virtual summits are also used by companies and businesses because of its capacity to be a good marketing tool for making online stuff related to businesses. This includes launching corporate events, which can be handled by individuals or groups of people that act as event planners and management. 

Virtual summits can give you benefits such as profit opportunities. Virtual summits these days are more accessible than before. 


Maybe you are thinking about why “blogging” is included in our topic. Well, let me tell you why. Blogging has a variety of phases when political blogs emerged in the early ’20s. 

Because of its popularity, it reaches over 600 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites in the world in the year 2019. Blogging is equipped with tools to create writing, posting, sharing, and even linking content to the internet world. 

Why is this blogging so popular? Well because of its benefits that can give to companies, businesses, and even if you are ordinary people. 

Blogging is considered as one of the sources of information. It can help and benefit companies and businesses to reach more clients and customers and keep them up to date. 

Also, blog visitors can communicate and interact with you and your product. Not only that, but you can also earn money as well through blogging. Blogging indeed is an effective tool to use as a marketing strategy. 


Podcast derived from two words which are iPod and broadcast. Podcasting audio digital broadcast that is available on the internet and downloadable to a computer/laptop or any mobile device. 

Businesses and companies nowadays are using podcasts to raise their chances to gain more clients and customers. It is also an effective tool just like some marketing tools we are mentioned below. 

The podcast is the new talk radio on our mobile devices. If your business and company cannot afford to do some video content for their brand, podcasting can help you solve your problem. 

Why do we need to host virtual events?

If you are asking yourself why should you host virtual events? Well I have here tremendous and acceptable reasons, so check it out. In hosting virtual events you can easily promote your product or event by sharing a link in the social media channels or maybe by the use of some webinar software. 

Hosting a virtual event by using online meetings can also benefit you as a host because it saves the travel cost, it is more flexible, and increases work efficiency. Virtual events, webinar, and an online meeting are beneficial for companies, businesses, and even to ordinary people. 

The benefits are: 

  • It will build your business, company or brand
  • It will also help to grow your audience so quickly
  • It also a good marketing tool to find potential clients and faithful customers
  • It can also help you build relationships with some influencers in the industry.

How to successfully host a virtual event

There are tips and guides on how to successfully host a virtual event, from knowing your goal to the best time and date to perform your virtual event. 

So let’s talk about it right away!

Know your goal

In hosting a virtual event, first, ask yourself what outcome do you want to achieve? What goal are you targeting? 

Defining your goals and objectives have a big role in running a virtual event. Just make sure that the goal that you are aiming for will benefit all of you. 

JotForm created a list on how to plan for a virtual event. There are questions in their article that you need to answer in order to successfully create an event plan. Questions like “How will you recruit and vet speakers to make sure they are the right fit?” will help you through the process.

Make your Virtual event part of your business model

No doubt virtual meetings are one of the leading marketing techniques that businesses and companies use nowadays. But it is not only a technique that they can use, it is more than that.

Virtual events can be part of your business model. You can have multiple experts who will promote your summit and help you gain more potential audience. 

Moving a business into a model focused on hosting virtual events turns your business even better.

Curate a topic

It is difficult to catch audiences that are interested in your topic and content. That’s why selecting the best topic that will catch the eyes of many audiences will be a big help. 

Your topic also defines how easy it is to engage with your participants all through your presentations or seminars. Having a great topic will be a big point to have successful virtual events as a host.

Understand your audience

In hosting a virtual event of course you need to consider your audience. You need to hook their mind, soul, and even spirit to make them stay with you throughout your event. 

Understanding your audience will take part to have a successful virtual event. As a host you need to know what topic is most interesting for them, how techy are they, and many more. 

Maybe you can have surveys from your audience to get information. 

Do surveys and polls

Surveys and polls will help you get some opinion of your audience about some specific topic, Also, you will be able to know what your audience is. 

You can have surveys and opinions, before or while running your virtual event. Here your participants will just click the hands up button or click from one of the options you provide for them. 

Reminder your audience will take an important part in your event

Choose a great team to make your event enticing

Choosing a great team will run your event even better, just make sure that the team that you selected has its own responsibility to do. Of course, they need to also do their best for the sake of your event.

Choose a great host

Hire a professional host that has knowledge on the topic, or maybe any of your friends or relatives who is comfortable and used to be a live presenter. Whoever you select to be a host, he/she should sound effective, efficient, active, and confident.

The virtual event can have two hosts that can speak to each other and accommodate their audience as well. Great hosting is a big responsibility so keep in mind to choose the great host.

However, if you’ll be the host of the event we recommend that you go through Bannersnack’s tips and trick to help you become a Better Virtual Event Speaker

Choose the right and remarkable speakers

Find the right and remarkable speaker that will participate in your event. To find the right one you need to spend some time reading and listen to their content. 

Having read and listened to their content, ask yourself if are they interesting, entertaining, or engaging? Does their message leave remarkable remarks?

Curate effective event planners and management

Having a team of effective event planners that can do effective event management can help you have a great and successful event or even corporate events. As a host, you need to make sure your audience or participants will enjoy your event. 

By having event planner and event management you will have the confidence to run corporate events, meetings, and other events according to your purposes.

Choose the best video conferencing platform

There are so many webinars software and video conferencing platforms that you can use as your event marketing. You can run live streaming and other services that will help you have a successful event. Just make sure that you are familiar with the tools and functionalities of the platform you choose. 

There are many online platforms that are available in the market. However, you need a platform that is seamless, high quality, and limitless. That’s why we recommend JetWebinar for hosting big virtual events. 

JetWebinar’s technology lets you stream your webinar without any interruption, and will let you engage with your audience in real-time. Your webinar will be downloaded into the cloud and it can be watched thru any devices. There’s no need for a bulky application or software, your event will be accessible. 

Create offers to get audiences

Create some irresistible offers for your audience. If you want to get more audience you have to do some tricks that will make them participate in your event. 

If you are planning to do some tricks, make it more interesting in the eyes of your participants. Choose what they need and want and make it as your offer to get them.

Build relationships and always communicate

One of the most important aspects of a host is the relationships and always communicate with your audience. There are so many ways to communicate and build relationships with your audience.

Engagement is important

Getting your participants engaged in the presentations is one way to build a relationship with the audience. It is also a way to make your event more interactive and lively. It also helps the participants and the host to feel at ease with each other.

Do Q&As

Using the Q&A sessions can help you also interact with your audience. Q&A sessions encourage the audience to participate and ask questions and even answer some questions of the host. 

You can also use these Q&A sessions at the end of your event. It’s up to you what technique you can use with this Q & A sessions.

Answer questions

Attendees will ask questions or provide feedback. This can be from your speakers, attendees or those who are watching live thru social media (if applicable). 

There will also be questions that are present from your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where you can do live updated for those who are not in the webinar. That’s why answering some questions during and at the end of your event will leave the audience with an impressive and satisfied face.

Have live chats

Using a poll, survey, Q&A, and live chat will make your event interactive and engaging. Having a live chat will also help you communicate with your audience. 

Answer questions, or even asking some information through live chat will also be an effective way to make your audience stay in touch with you.

Always make sure that your audience, host, and speakers will benefit

 In running an event, make sure that all of you will receive benefits. Benefits that the audience in a way that gives them satisfaction, and good knowledge they have learned from you.

It will benefit the speaker or a host to share their knowledge and give them more exposure, and even give them a bonus commission. 

Market your event

There’s a lot of ways to market your event. You can use social media, influencer marketing, blogs, podcast, and many more. Use this as your tool to promote or market your event. 

Why should you market your event? Of course to seize more audiences and participants.

Utilize social media

Social media has many functions. It can be used to gather information, to satisfy your craving in entertainment, to make some profits, and to many more. 

Social media can also be used for event marketing. All the posts need to be relevant to your event and provide useful information for your customers and clients.

There are other tools that can help you promote your event, you can check our tips that will help you increase your attendees

Choose the best time and date

Time and date play a crucial role in running virtual events. Because your audience came from across the world, choosing the best time and date will make them able to attend and participate in your event. 

Choose the best time and date where your audience is more available. However, choosing the best time and date is not as simple as that. So you need to ask them what the best time and date for them. 

Their suggestions will help you decide the best for your event.  


To wrap it up, Conducting virtual events is not simply that. You need to consider many things in running a virtual event. 

You need some powerful tips to successfully host at the same time using some event marketing to build and grow your business and/or company. Furthermore, this event marketing tools that said below are ideal and suitable for companies and businesses to plan, organize and run such as video conferencing, virtual meetings, online meetings, and even conduct seminars 

Ready to host your event? Click here.

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