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The CoronaVirus (SARS CoV 2) badly influences most of the industries’ physical operations across the globe as everyone must practice quarantine measures. In these desperate times, we have come to understand especially for companies and businesses that virtual events can really help to fill in the gap left by unprecedented consequences and various confinements originating from this current situation. 

As productions and physical operations have declined, we have witnessed social affairs and events being redesigned as virtual events just as businesses utilizing media and webinar platforms to forestall the shutdown of their operations. Companies are presently utilizing virtual events particularly webinars to continue their business ventures without risking someone’s health. 

The significance of virtual events, particularly webinars are undoubtedly developing at fast speed and with such favorable turn of events, virtual events are of its greater value not just in light of the fact that it’s the “trend” and being anything but difficult to utilize, but since the possible audience is sticking around the web. Most importantly, most companies’ operations exclusively depend on virtual events, particularly in this current circumstance. 

By this strategy, Companies allow themselves to make more business just as associating with their clients at progressively raised levels.

What is a webinar?

You might encounter this term frequently. However, you may likewise have neglected what this “webinar” truly implies. So here is a straightforward definition to clear things up for you. 

So what is a webinar? Also, how is it so useful to businesses and normal people? A webinar can truly be utilized in any format, regardless of whether for an instructive workshop or for business purposes. 

Webinars are activities that are conducted online. It can happen in real-time and also can be streamed after a session. The webinar includes a speaker or group of speakers who presents content to various audiences who also collaboratively participate by submitting questions and reacting to surveys and polls. 

The good thing about webinars is that it permits you to have an event without causing you too much effort for finding a reasonable physical setting. You can impart your substance to your audience without genuinely being there. It can likewise be a financially savvy method to supplant face to face events as it won’t need you to spend large sums of money on the setting, staff, and various random costs.

What is a recorded webinar?

There are two ways to do a webinar activity, first is Live Webinar which happens in real-time allowing its audience to also interact with the speaker in real-time. And the second is a Pre-recorded webinar or simulated webinar. In a nutshell, this pertains to a webinar that is conducted online but as its name suggests, it is a session that can be distributed on online platforms to audiences right after the initial footage is being recorded. 

Types of recorded webinar

You can also do 2 types of Pre-recorded webinar depending on your objectives. Let’s take a look at these 2 types.

 Automated Webinars

An automated webinar, in a nutshell, is a type of pre-recorded presentation which has been set to play on a specific date. In this format, you can set your session any day and time during a week or even in a month. 

For example, you may have wanted to autoplay your presentation during weekends at 6 pm in the months of June and July. This type of webinar can look like a live webinar but it actually isn’t. It is perfectly designed to generate more sales and customers daily.


  • Well prepared and polished content
  • HD quality performance
  • Expanded market coverage
  • No time constraints
  • Accessible, Flexible and Convenient
  • generate leads and customers

On-demand webinars

The on-demand webinar is simply just like an automated webinar. The only main difference is that on-demand Webinar can be played any time by simply clicking the link. 

This type of webinar can extend the life of your content as well as generating more leads and engagement from your audience.


  • reduced operational risks, i.e. communication, technical, etc.
  • Easy to distribute in online formats, i.e. digital broadcasting, RSS feeds, etc.
  • generate leads and customers

What are the benefits of a recorded webinar?

Greater Productivity

Live webinars are undoubtedly gaining popularity in the business world today. But as much as live webinars advantages, Pre recorded or simulated webinars are also one of the top ways to exhibit and offer advantages particularly in generating more leads and customers. 

Unlike Live webinars where it took hours and days to set up a session, recorded webinars can be set up for only one-time then finally can it be distributed to its audience in countless times without any limitations.

More Professionalism

During a live webinar, unprecedented consequences may come along the way, and it can really be frustrating. Pre-recorded webinars allow you to present a pleasant and appealing presentation. 

It allows you to edit all of your presentations from your visual contents up to cutting scenes which can make your presentation long and boring to attend to. 

Better Webinar Experience

Your event will completely fall on to wayward if it does not encourage engagements and participation from your attendees. While this can be frustrating, Pre-recorded webinars can actually help you to produce an event that is worthy enough to entice more attendees and generate engagements from your audience. 

Unlike Live webinars, where your audience is being forced to stream on a specific date and time thus making it less favorable for the audience to attend to. Pre-recorded webinars can be streamed by your audience in their own terms without any forcing factors. This will allow your audience to enjoy your event without thinking of time constraints.  

More confidence

Few people experience more uneasiness when they talk before a live audience than recording a presentation initially. And by that, settles pre-recorded webinars more adaptable and easy to use.

How to make your recorded webinar work?

Make Your Content Concrete

It is important to be aware that there are limitations in running your Pre-recorded webinar. That is to say, if you want your event to run for weeks and even for months, you have to make your presentation evergreen. i.e is not time-sensitive and relevant to current situations. 

It won’t be likely to be worth attending to if your content is not relevant to a specific situation. This will just leave your audience clueless, consequently leaving your presentation. 

You also have to remember that your event will most likely last and survive for a long time if you’ll make content that is not likely to change and can be relevant for various situations in a long time.  

 Answer Audience’s Questions

QandA sessions are probably in the first line of achieving an engaging event. I had recently explained that a webinar event won’t be conducted in the first place if it wasn’t for your audience so it is necessary to always include your audience in your preparations. 

So how do you encourage engaging interactions in a pre-recorded webinar? In fact, you can address your audiences’ questions in many ways. 

For instance, you may link them to your email, or you can simply answer all the questions in private chat rooms, surveys, and polls. By this strategy, you can answer the same questions from different people at one time.

End with a Compelling CTA

Your event will not end by the time you end your presentation, you have to consider adding CTAs to guide your audience on your future webinars. In any CTA format of your choice as long as it links your audience to your channel. 

By this strategy, you can maintain and keep your audiences being in the track of your event as well as achieving engagement from your attendees.

Analyze Your Webinar Statistics

The last thing that you have to perform is to do an assessment of your presentation. It can be manifested in your webinar statistics. 

For instance, how many participants did join in your event? Where are they located, comments in your presentation, etc. 

By having these assessments, you can optimize and improve your future pre-recorded webinars.

Choose the best platform

Choosing a webinar platform must be one of your top priorities in hosting whether live or pre-recorded webinars. Utilizing webinar platforms and software is without a doubt the most ideal approach to associate and connect with your leads, and move them up to your business channel. 

You have to be aware that the best platform is something that makes your presentation easy to record, share, and catch up with your prospects without difficulties. It must also assist you with conveying a high-quality presentation. 

One of the best webinar platforms in the market is JetWebinar. An online webinar platform that lets you host your virtual event that can be accessible to any type of device. Your event will be downloaded directly to the cloud making it easy for you to access any time and anywhere. 

Choosing the best platform will allow you to automate your sales process and engage with your leads with live seminars, branding products, and more. Most webinar platforms additionally accompany highlights like implicit surveys, email marketing platforms, private live chat, live-streaming, etc.


To wrap things up, we can simply say that Pre-recorded webinars are really practical and handy for businesses for it can generate greater productivity, provides convenient ground as well as ensuring better webinar experience for both speakers and viewers.

In this article, you also had the chance to learn what a webinar and pre-recorded webinars as well as their types. If you’re ready to try this format, you must be guided by the points I stated above to achieve a successful outcome. 

But if you find it difficult to try one, you can always try finding solutions to your problem. 

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