Why your company need to pivot from live to digital events

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Digitalization is gaining popularity right now, because of its many advantages that can give to every individual. Many businesses and companies embrace this different path and jump into the digital event as well. 

Because why not? It is a good marketing strategy to reach more customers and potential clients or maybe even an audience or big influencer. Also, businesses and companies find the digital event more cost-effective with still offers high quality and valuable content.

Not only that, digital marketing allows the businesses and companies, to grow, expand, to be on top, and be an expert in their field. Digital marketing is doing great even way back then, digital marketing is a helpful and effective tool even before when we still not in stock in these current situations.

That’s why it is not impossible to see this digitalization in the future, since it is part of their overall marketing strategies since it arouses. 

As companies embrace digitalization, they are now faced with a few obstacles when it comes to digital events. But how do you really adapt to this change?

Should your company follow going digital?

The key to a successful business is its flexibility to move forward and its ability to adapt quickly, its capability to embrace the changes, and make it their styles and assets. If you are asking or having a second thought about the idea of should your company follow going digital marketing or digital event? 

Well, it is a good opportunity for you and for your company to explore and add it to your marketing tactics. Why? Because it will simply give you benefits that will help your company to grow, expand, and to be on the peak if the proper strategy will apply.

Challenges of turning physical to digital event

There are some challenges you may encounter in turning physical into digital events. Some of that is the physical communication is hard to replace, or should I say, physical communication can’t ever be replaced by digital communication. 

Another one is that because it is a digital event, there’s a chance you can experience some issues, just like wrong using channels, lack of digitalization lead, and strategy. Well, it is only normal to experience those challenges. 

Just explore and practice and you will find the one that is matched to you. 

As companies embrace digitalization, they are now faced with a few obstacles when it comes to digital events. But how do you really adapt to this change?

What can you gain from doing virtual events?

Virtual events are quite popular as effective marketing tools and strategies that you can use in your businesses, companies, or even if you are a solo entrepreneur. Just like webinar, online conference, online meetings, and other live events. 

Virtual events have an interactive feature just like other video conferencing tools that will fascinate you. There are also a lot of benefits you can gain from doing virtual events as well. And what are those? Well, check this out.

It will help you be ahead of the competition

It is normal in the business world to have competition. Competition or having the pressure to be on top is one of the most reasons why businesses and companies are turning into a digital event. Many competitors are just waiting for their other competitors to fail and then they will take advantage of it. That is why doing digital events is a more effective marketing tool if the company executes it right.

Will let you know more about your target customers

By doing a digital event, you can have insights about your customers’ wants and needs without too much hassle. With these, you can satisfy your customers and gain more. You can also use a digital conference to have a discussion in your team about how you will improve your digital marketing.


New revenue channels

Another benefit you can gain in doing a virtual event is that it can help your businesses to create a new revenue channel. The digital act as their effective and best channel to gain their revenue almost half of their profit before. Not only that virtual events can benefit you to have new revenue channels that will help you attract more and new customers, and that it can help you gain more and more profit than it used to be. 

Increased organizational flexibility

Organizational flexibility is important because it is about the need for being flexible to any changes at any time in any aspect. In doing virtual events or digital events, you can have a better organization that is more flexible. These virtual events will help you increased the organizational flexibility that can help you grow more quickly and better than before.

Reduced operational costs

One of the best benefits you can have in a virtual event is that it is cost-effective. Because it is done in digital, your company can cut out the cost you are spending in a digital event than when you are doing a physical event. Though it is less costly, you can assure it is still effective and efficient, but of course with the combination of the right techniques.

As companies embrace digitalization, they are now faced with a few obstacles when it comes to digital events. But how do you really adapt to this change?

How to plan and execute a virtual event

Before we proceed on how to plan and execute a virtual event. Let’s have a brief overview of the virtual event. Just to let you know, virtual meetings, virtual summits, blogging, podcasting, video conferencing, and also webinar, webinar definition is a web-based seminar, all of these are included in virtual events. 

All of these are good as marketing strategies or marketing tools. Now, keep in mind that there are things you need to take into account before having a virtual event. 


Maintain Your Brand Persona

Before turning into a digital event, ask yourself first what are things that you think are your assets that act as your ace in jumping into the digital events. Even though you are turning into digital, you do not need to change everything in your brand. 

You should maintain the things that the customers’ love about your product, you should keep all you promise to them since day one, you should still impress them, and you should still fulfill their expectations, and these will act as your assets that I am talking about. These things should still appear in your virtual events so that they can still feel the company they used to love even if it is now digital.

Make it Timely and Relevant

Two important characteristics that your marketing strategy has, make it timely and relevant. Even if you have lots of customers and clients if your marketing is not timely and relevant, then you will be failed. 

The content that you will produce should be timely, accurate to the happening, and appropriate right now. It should be more relevant, that it can help your customers relate.

Relevant that you need to think about your audience’s needs, wants, and interests at the same time. To know your audience’s needs wants, and interests you must stay updated and figure it out. Timeliness and relevance should go altogether for better results. 

As companies embrace digitalization, they are now faced with a few obstacles when it comes to digital events. But how do you really adapt to this change?

Respect Their Schedules and Challenges

You are not the only one who is facing this kind of new normal, it is everybody’s scenario. So, bear in mind that you need to respect their schedule as their respects yours. 

They may be still in the process of time managing, or still in the process of dealing with things out. Some have busy schedules with their works, or busy as parents who are nursing their children. 

And it is truly challenging for every individual to cope up with our situation now. So, don’t waste their time, and don’t make them disappointed. 

That’s why it is better to think and create the best interesting content for them. Your content should package your customers’ needs and interests altogether for the more accessible, valuable, more engaging, and helpful content. 

As companies embrace digitalization, they are now faced with a few obstacles when it comes to digital events. But how do you really adapt to this change?

Choose a great platform 

After getting the things prepared, you can now choose the best platform for you. Well, there are a lot of platforms out there, waving at you. But the big question is; Is this platform can give all your needs? 

Is it user-friendly? Can it help you to achieve your desire outcome? So, you better choose the best and effective platform that is suited to your needs, that will match your expectations, and of course, the one that will make your virtual event more comfortable for your attendees, especially for the newbies. 

A platform like Jetwebinar will help your business or company pivot from live to digital events. 

JetWebinar’s high-quality, limitless and ultrafast broadcasting platform lets you host smooth webinars, online meetings, and virtual summits smartly. There’s no need to download any software or bulky applications. 

It offers an all in one webinar platform where you can personalize your events, schedule email reminders, and monitor your sales. 

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As companies embrace digitalization, they are now faced with a few obstacles when it comes to digital events. But how do you really adapt to this change?


Digital event is one of the best weapons you need now that can really help you a lot to survive in the business world. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of going digital, instead, it will help us to get closer to our customers, or even to find more and more potential consumers.  

Digital event has the ability to quickly increase your leads, move into new markets, and form a new partnership. Aside from that, this digitalization can save time and money but still having your company’s quality and efficiency just like before.  

Because business is just a competition and going digital can help you get ahead of your competitors, as well as it can help you be on top, and this is the dream of every business and company.

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