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Webinars are virtual events that businesses can utilize in many ways. Although recent years have seen innovative advances in cloud computing. With the use of various devices and software apps, webinars are as yet one of the best marketing tools a business can utilize to boost their marketing strategies.

Webinars are a financially savvy path for businesses to contact a lot of bigger audiences than was conceivable previously. For instance, to have a virtual meeting or host a training session it was important to find a physical setting that needs so much effort, travels significant distances, and goes through a ton of money. Presently anybody with a stable internet connection can have Webinars and Virtual events from the solace of their office and homes. 

Webinars and virtual events are of great use for promotion, advertisements, and launching products as well as generating quality leads. Though activities are being held online which are past real gatherings, these online collaborative services allow the audience to engage and experience activities that are usually perceived to be done on actual gatherings only.

With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Role of webinars this 2020?

A webinar is a type of collaborative service which is conducted online with the help of various webinar platforms. The speaker conveys presentations, slideshow, reports, and different visual components to share new information. The purpose is to teach participants new points, share thoughts or encounters, or sell an item. What makes webinars effective is that they’re a two-way type of correspondence where the participants and hosts give, get, and share information, progressively.

Benefits of webinars

Launch your most current item 

Utilizing webinars will give you the chance to make everyone, whether it’s local or international audience updated to your launching product events. Of course, you’re not just there to instruct the participants on the most recent updates, yet additionally to respond to inquiries and suggestions. Taking the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your audience can console current clients that they are in the right hands thus making more leads.

Develops authority and trust

Hosting webinars allows your business to exhibit its industry information, capacities, abilities, products, and services. Your webinar likewise profits by the human element – allowing you to put a genuine face to your business, helping your audience to draw in with and even become invested in your business.

With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Intuitive webinars help you with understanding your target audience 

Through your intuitive inquiry and answer segment, webinars allow your business to become more acquainted with your target audience, their necessities, and their difficulties. In doing such, you can build up an understanding of what persuades your audience, permitting you to tailor your products, services, and advice to match.

Webinars are financially savvy. 

Regular gatherings, workshops, and meetings make them think in like manner – they’re costly to orchestrate. Fortunately, webinars only require devices and tools that are either free or cheap to utilize. This implies all you need is a decent, stable internet connection and you’re ready to go to connect with your audience. 

Produce leads

Without any significant leads, there will be no business. Leads can be created by advertisers in a huge number of ways, yet pulling in great leads is something that can be hard for marketers to achieve. Webinars that relate to themes applicable to your business are an incredible method to produce the great leads that marketers are searching for. Every person who sees that you’re promoting your webinar will probably lead to your business page and connect by registering for your event. These are the people who are revealing to you that they’re keen on whatever it is you need to present. 


With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

What is  WebinarJam  Webinar?

WebinarJam is a cloud-based solution that businesses use for hosting webinars, which includes live streaming on Facebook and Youtube via private rooms. Marketers can plan webinars by utilizing existing highly customizable features such as slides, animations, and videos. 

WebinarJam coordinates with tools, like Google Hangouts, allowing businesses to consequently make Hangouts meetings for their webinars. Webinar additionally integrates with well-known autoresponder solutions like ListWire and Aweber, allowing businesses to send the subtleties of webinar registrants to these third-party tools. 

WebinarJam platform further allows you to

  • Create an intuitive landing and registration pages send email invites and offer to participants
  • Schedule events and sessions easily 
  • Utilize intuitive data analytics 
  • Utilize profoundly customizable features
With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Features and advantages of  WebinarJam  Webinar?

Price and plans

The primary arrangement is the ‘Basic’ plan. It costs $479 per year when charged per year and is most appropriate for amateurs in the webinar space. The basic plan grants you up to 2 moderators for each webinar, 500 participants for every webinar, and 2 hours max span.

The next plan is the ‘Pro’ plan. This arrangement costs $783/year when charged yearly. It is particularly ideal for experts who routinely host webinars. This plan grants you up to 4 moderators for each webinar, 2000 participants for every webinar, and 3 hours max span.

The third arrangement is the ‘Premium‘ plan. WebinarJam claims that this plan can offer its users multiple times the tools, power, and advantages when contrasted with the other two plans. This arrangement is $999/year, when charged annually, and is probably the priciest arrangement on the lookout. This arrangement is generally appropriate for specialists who have incredible working information on webinars. It can likewise be utilized viably by businesses that depend on webinars for promoting. The Premium Plan grants you up to 6 moderators for each webinar, 5000 participants for every webinar, and 4 hours max span.

Best for

WebinarJam has the power to create intuitive webinars that are suitable for different business sizes. 

With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Ease of use

  • Easy to use with an intuitive user interface
  • Completely in-built with different tutorial videos for in-depth help to users. 
  • Available customer support 24/7, which likewise incorporates chat support at no additional expense. 
  • Live all day, everyday client care day in and day out, which likewise incorporates visit uphold at no additional expense. 
  • Automatically records each webinar meeting. 
  • It offers an adaptable and dynamic design and layout control that advances the display 
  • Flexible and compatible with a wide range of OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) just as internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). 
  • Offers customizable landing page formats for specific webinars.
  • Offers options to send public and private messages to webinar participants. 
  • HD display 
  • Exceptionally adaptable (allows users to utilize free drawing, eraser, geometrical shapes, text, shading, textual styles, and substantially more). 
  • Incorporates the best CRM, email, and shopping-cart applications, like Zapier, MailChimp, Drip, iContact, Kartra, etc.
  • Has multi-language correspondence capacity.
  • Integrates with Facebook and Youtube and email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.
  • It allows you to effortlessly blend web cameras, screen sharing, and pre-recorded videos in a specific webinar. 
With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Product Features

High Level of Automation 

WebinarJam enables you to automate the whole webinar process, including registrations, confirmations, sending follow-up emails to your registrants and prospects, and more. Best of all, it automatically records the webinar event. It even handles replay pages all alone, which implies that replays can be shipped off participants consequently. You would now be able to zero in on the content of your webinar and how engagingly you can convey it. The rest is going to be dealt with by WebinarJam.

Campaign Control

With WebinarJam’s in-built scheduling management tool, you can set your schedules at the specific spans you need, be it every day, week, after week, month to month, or even yearly. Moreover, WebinarJam consequently changes the local schedule of your event as per the participant to offer a better experience to your leads. 

Post-event Communications

WebinarJam is outstanding amongst other webinar platforms with regards to post-event communication. It utilizes Boolean logic to connect with all the imminent leads after a specific webinar event. The utilization of Boolean logic is likely the coolest component that WebinarJam has. Not just that, WebinarJam accompanies an auto-responder that responds to messages automatically, encourages you to catch up with all registrants just after they top off the registration form. With WebinarJam, you can likewise segment your intrigued leads from the impartial ones and purposefully target them utilizing explicit interchanges. This causes you to make enhancements in your sales conversion numbers.

Multiple Language Capability 

Multi-lingual WebinarJam ensures that you don’t pass up business because your target group is on the opposite side of the border. With WebinarJam’s multi-language ability, you can break language barriers proficiently. It allows you to choose your favored language and interpret all the customer-facing pages into it.

Robust Data Analytics

With WebinarJam’s robust data analytics tools, you can dissect and analyze metrics including all out visitors, registrations, participants in the room, replay watched, number of snaps, and more. Also, it allows you to use noteworthy bits of knowledge from information-driven outcomes, and invest additional time and energy focusing on the leads that are well on the way to make a buy and remove the ones that won’t.

One-Click registration 

With WebinarJam’s One-click registration you simply have to send “Click to Register” to your mailing list and any prospect who clicks the link will be automatically registered for your webinar event. Thus, you can successfully change over your ‘Click-through Rate’ to your registration conversion rate with no effort at all. It’s an appealing alternative to create participation for your webinar events when contrasted to filling up forms, which is far additional, tedious).

Straightforward Admin set-ups

WebinarJam offers one of the fastest and smoothest admin set-ups, making it simpler for the participants to begin. With the brisk and simple ‘Express Configuration,’ you can directly be up and running within 30 seconds. Even the ‘Standard Configuration’ won’t take over 5 minutes.

With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Universally Compatible with everything                  

With WebinarJam, You get compatibility with various platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux, alongside various browsers like Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and more.  

Extensive Third-party Integrations 

WebinarJam offers advanced features to deliver automation and usability. Both these things are likewise conceivable in light of WebinarJam’s capacity to integrate with various platforms, including email marketing tools, CRMs, and more.

Flexible sharing options 

One of the stand-out features is the improved control that it gives. It’s a tool for anyone or business who needs to go through it for scaling deals and revenue, where real-time data is of utmost significance. 


With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

WebinarJam  Vs. JetWebinar

What is JetWebinar

JetWebinar is a real-time broadcasting platform explicitly built for facilitating high attendance webinars. JetWebinar is one of the best platforms for webinars and considered a worldwide pioneer in corporate events and workshop solutions for driving higher engagement and participation rates.  


JetWebinar’s JetCast experience allows participants to make amazing, on-demand webinar encounters with the intuitiveness of a live webinar.JetWebinar’s JetCast is intended to give your audience the same experience from a live webinar. 


Jetcall allows its users to host ultra-fast virtual gatherings in an ultra-fast broadcasting platform. JetCalls allows you to have simple, click access to virtual events that make hosting and joining meetings convenient and simple on any device. 


JetStream enables ultra-fast webinars that can be facilitated on any scale. There are no restrictions on the number of participants while as yet keeping a high-quality video. With JetStream you can effectively make a live and engaging experience that is intended to give your audience, clients, workers, accomplices, or prospects an event that is on-brand while accomplishing the event result at the top of the priority list.


JumboJet is a major webinar solution that can be used to host large events globally. With JumboJet, you have the privilege to host a large event with numerous moderators, co-hosts, and participants. You can have an extremely huge function without giving up the video quality. This tool provides a consistent and agreeable experience. 

With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Features of JetWebinar

Marketing/CRM Integrations

JetWebinar incorporates CRM and marketing automation platforms to permit companies to significantly speed up and increase the productivity of their sales funnel. Companies can utilizeJetWebinar to build their email records, give training, and spur deals. Companies that pick JetWebinar can likewise make custom integrations through the JetWebinar API.

Paid Events

With Jetwebinar, you can instantly sell access and get paid on your JetCast events through the payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe. 

Live Chat During Events

JetWebinar enables you to immediately talk with your participants whether it is a live or recorded presentation. JetWebinar empowers you with tools you need to get and respond to all attendees’ messages in real-time. It offers flexible choices: live chats, questions, and answers, private remarks, etc. You’ll have all you require to keep your participants completely hooked with your presentation. 

Complete Analytics

With JetWebinar’s analytics tool, you can directly track the behavior and activities of your audience and get insights from it. This tool lets you track how many participants attended and leave your event and how many participants clicked the call to action button.  

With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.

Benefits of using JetWebinar

The video slack time that JetWebinar guarantees are less than 1 second. This feature ensures a decent speed for the high video quality level that JetWebinar conveys for an immense participant list. JetWebinar allows your event to be streamed onto both webcams and screens. A real-time chat room also allows its participants to pose inquiries and suggestions in real-time. In this way, as a host, you can address all of the inquiries from your audience as well. To put it plainly, hosting a webinar utilizing JetWebinar ensures a great user and viewer experience. 

JetWebinar platform allows you to rehost your webinar anytime and anywhere you want to. 

  • Set a date of your liking where your webinar event will be automatically played. JetWebinar can consequently arrange the events just as send all the related communication about the webinar to make things basic and sorted out. 
  • Get custom formats to browse and make your webinar slides look pleasant thus establishing a significant impact and feedback from your audience. 
  • Utilize a full member dashboard and track all registrations that originate from an individual promoter. That is the way you get the chance to make solid partnerships with your greatest promoters, and monitor how effectively they are making an incentive for your webinar. 
  • Don’t need to separately send emails utilizing different email marketing tools. With personalized emails, sending emails to your audience will be a breeze.

Advantages of JetWebinar

JetWebinar platform provides a marketing automation tool. This cloud-based structure offers effective features and can scale with improvement. Businesses of all sizes can use the application to plan events. Likewise, an exceptional UI outfits hosts and members with simply a single-click to access the content. 

Whether or not you work for a startup or large corporations, JetWebinar gives you insightful tools you must have to make webinar events and fuse them into your overall marketing strategies. 

 JetWebinar offers 3 plans which give its customers choices. Each arrangement is accessible for free trials and any of the plans includes different features. 

 JetWebinar platform is similarly as fantastic as its features. “Multi -presenter support” empowers the platform reasonable for large scale events. Another component of JetWebinar is its, Landing page developer where it allows the host to redo and control each part of the webinar experience. 

JetWebinar fuses with CRM and marketing automation platforms to allow businesses to fundamentally accelerate and build the efficiency of their sales funnel. Businesses can use JetWebinar to construct their email records, provide training, and spur deals. Businesses that choose JetWebinar can moreover make custom mixes by the utilization of JetWebinar API.

How does it differ from WebinarJam? 

Unlike WebinarJam where it can only work for small scale events, JetWebinar is the best webinar platform that functions admirably if you need to host a large scale event. A common issue about other platform is the high latency as the number of participants increase. But apparently, JetWebinar has settled this issue. JetWebinar is also less costly than WebinarJam yet it provides the most effective features a webinar platform could ever have. 

With the growth in users for webinars , a demand for great webinar platforms also increased. WebinarJam is one of the most used platform today. Here's why.


There are various webinar platforms out there with WebinarJam being one of the most famous ones. Notwithstanding, various other webinar hosting providers are accessible to marketers these days. 

The idea isn’t simply to “have” a webinar event but to focus on the overall performance and experience of the event, just as ease of marketer’s job. The webinar platform that will do the best will stand out among other platforms. 

Some of the Platforms that have recently arisen and are rapidly making progress are platforms like JetWebinar and WebinarJam. Even though both of these platforms lead, there are a couple of advantages that WebinarJam could only provide. 

However, it is as last for the customers to choose what suits their requirements the best. It is significant to take measures in choosing webinar platforms to provide the best experience for the participants. 

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