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This worldwide pandemic has everlastingly changed our experiences as normal people, employees, and entrepreneurs. Evidently our practices and behaviors are changing subsequently.

With these developing new practices, companies have a chance to quicken the turn of their operations into a digital one. By extending existing offerings and making new lines of services similar to the online retailers revitalizing to give “contactless” delivery and services for their buyers and consumers. 

This quick turn of events will compel companies and businesses to reconsider their digital techniques to catch new commercial center chances and virtual customer segments.

With these sudden turn of events where people, especially those in the business industry must exercise new practices to cope up with this existing crisis, we will provide points and steps on how to conduct and leverage your digital capacities to help your business progression amidst this pandemic.  

What are online meetings?

If you’re considering turning your operations into a digital set up then your concern must be the “whats, whys, and how’s regarding online meetings”.  Evidently, online meetings have been really useful for companies, chiefly because it allows their employees and accomplices to be geographically distributed to connect and participate in a specific event without the need of finding a reasonable physical venue. 

But that is not all, with respect to its advantages, advanced features such as video, audio, private chat rooms, and screen sharing, makes online meetings engaging as if it were a real event.


 It is a conference call with different members dialing into a typical telephone call and connects utilizing a password to enter a specific teleconference. It is a sound just event between geologically isolated people. Teleconferencing is perfect for small events and large events in different areas with global guests.

Video Conferencing

While teleconferencing depends just on the utilization of sound, video conferencing utilizes both sound and visual methods, for example, webcams. This innovation permits the audience in various areas to hold gatherings without being in a solitary spot. Cell phones are likewise ready to go by means of this technique too.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a conducted activity online. It may be a live presentation, virtual presentation, or virtual meeting. Audiences can participate in an event through the help of various gadgets such as PCs and cell phones. 

It allows people to reach more participants through screen sharing Web conferencing also allows utilizing visual contents, such as slides, as well as audio and video recordings.

To delve deeper let’s explore more WHY virtual meetings are beneficial and conducting one is an edge than any other setups. 


Why are online meetings beneficial?

Improved communication capacity

By utilizing video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom, virtual meetings offer a solid and compelling stage for support and communication between at least two distantly positioned people. Online meetings have made it conceivable to uncover the whole presentation made by the experts to the audience over the globe. 

Along these lines, online meetings have become an amazingly accommodating and successful specialized device for the organizations whenever utilized proficiently.

Easy access for partners

It may very well be convoluted to get each partner at one spot for business-related events as it won’t just increment the cost of the event yet in addition make a clamorous circumstance. Virtual meetings have made it simpler just as financially savvy to get all the partners at one spot without convincing them to move out of their office or home. Everybody can go to these gatherings up close and personal just by making barely any snaps with their mouse.

Effective mode of cooperation between all the members

All the members going to a virtual meeting can communicate with one another which may not be conceivable if a physical event is arranged. Members of an event of more than 25 individuals ordinarily need more than an ideal opportunity to communicate with all the members yet in virtual meetings it tends to be conceivable.

Time- saving

Another preferred position of online meetings is that it is time-saving. As per a business person, time is valuable like cash. So time is significant in each area for an incredible achievement. On the off chance that one can spare time and utilize the equivalent for gainful purposes, one is saving money. By setting up an online event, it spares a lot of time. For example, it tends to be a technique to avoid travel expenses and time difficulties.

Simple access for members of choice

Now and then the coordinators of conferences need to welcome some experts to talk about their issues. Such things could possibly be conceivable in physical gatherings yet in online gatherings the host can undoubtedly welcome anybody to get to the event without heading out genuinely to his place.

Tips for successful online meeting

Choose a suitable platform

Before everything, you have to choose the best platform that will be suitable for the type and purpose of your virtual event. Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc. are some of the best platforms for conducting an online event. 

When you want to have an effective platform for online meetings, we recommend you use the one that will let you collaborate with your peers efficiently. A platform like JetWebinar will be perfect for your virtual meeting.

They have JetCall that lets you host ultra-fast virtual meetings. It includes features such as:

  • Breakout sessions that you can host before, during, and after the main online meeting.
  • Real-time chat is an additional way for people in the meeting to interact with one another easily.
  • One-click solution to collaborate with peers. Whether it is for a quick meeting or an extension of an event, this can be used whenever you want to collaborate and network with your peers and audience.
  • Accessible in any type of device without the need for application download or software installation.

Have a clear agenda

Making a reasonable plan implies that the event has a structure. Without one, it’s simple for an event to get scattered and discussions to go something irrelevant. 

Amass an arrangement of what should be secured during the web-based event and stick to it. On the off chance that your calendar is stuffed, maybe even assign a set measure of time to every theme. 

It might be advantageous to send participants the plan heretofore. Along these lines, they’ll realize what’s in store and will have some ideal opportunity to get ready in the event that they have to.

Let your audience know the gist of your presentation beforehand

Before the actual event, let your audience know the purpose and the overview of your content. Provide an email where your audience can connect to you before and after the event. This strategy might help you if you are having a global audience with different time zones.

Have a meeting moderator / Delegate responsibilities

A gathering without a moderator is practically sure to go off course. By delegating a moderator, you give that individual the position to control procedures. Nobody can talk without the moderator’s consent, and the moderator is the one keeping everybody concentrated on the subject. 

This is especially significant in online meetings since there’s a high possibility of miscommunication because of web availability and sound or video quality issues. It is likewise a smart thought to allocate various jobs and obligations to your participants to enable your event to stream easily. 

Convey these heretofore so participants know about their obligations and go to the event readied and all set.


Anticipate technical difficulties

While it might sound self-evident, technical issues are one of the primary hindrances of online meeting preparation. To avoid the consequences, ensure your camera and amplifier are working and that your software underpins and can hold a large number of members. 

Set time limits / communicate general etiquette and expectations

Time-topping your events can altogether support your profitability and assist you with separating much more incentive in the constrained time you have. For instance, you can set the event term to 30 minutes and relegate 10 minutes to every one of the plans focuses. Along these lines, the members will remain centered and the event won’t go off course.

Avoid or minimize distractions

Interruptions can cause miscommunication during an online meeting. To maintain a strategic distance from them, ensure every one of your members is situated in a close and well-lit venue. Likewise, it’s smarter to utilize earphones and a collar mic rather than your PC’s mic to guarantee clear communication.

Be Interactive

During the event, don’t let your audience leave your presentation because they feel it to be boring and plain. Have a casual conversation before starting the actual event. You also have to address everyone and encourage them to participate cooperatively. Encourage fun and friendly chit-chats that will eventually make your participants feel valued.

Have clear and concise action items

Numerous corporate events end with unclear guarantees and confirmations from the members. It is the duty of the moderator to separate things to do for every one of the plans focuses and get affirmation from all the members. The key principle is to distinguish a thing to do, dole it out to one individual, and concur on a cutoff time. 

Share meeting notes

When your online meeting finishes up, ensure a synopsis of all the event notes is sent to the members. List the necessary points and do recognize the name of the person who delivers the content. Request all the members to acknowledge event notes and affirm their comprehension.


Leading on web events with participants from various areas can be hard to oversee. On the off chance that you get ready ahead of time and guarantee that your event is very much organized, directed and all-around imparted, an online event cannot just become an amazingly powerful stage for associating your organization partners and workers; however, they likewise can assist you with saving money on travel, venue and communication costs.

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