How do you drive better client engagement and experience?

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One of the hardest parts of digital marketing is the idea of how will your customers be more engaged with your brand. How will you make them feel that they are valuable to you? How will you strengthen your current relationship with them? 

Customer engagement is a big part and the most important asset of one’s company. A company should have this communication and interactive strategies to make this relationship meaningful and beneficial to both parties.    

With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!

What is Customer Engagement?

In every relationship, connection and interaction are important, the same goes for the business world. The business should have and maintain this interaction and connection between its customers across all points, and this called customer engagement

What is customer engagement? It refers to the interaction and connection of one brands’ or company between their customers across all points. 

This connection can be done through different social media and other channels either online or offline. Remember this customer engagement is just a piece of customer experience, meaning this customer engagement is not exactly as customer experience. 

To make it simple, customer experience is an important factor in having customer engagement. Customer engagement can be measured with the quality of your customer experience, or how high your customer is engaged with your brand.  

Hence if you provide a more positive customer experience, therefore they will become more engaged with your brand. It is important that you find ways to connect and interact with your customers because they will help you continuously grow and expand your business.

With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!

Why is it important? 

Customer engagement is important because it will give you a lot of opportunities in your digital marketing. It is also a big help to your brand to build a stronger and loyal connection with your customers. 

Highly engaged customers will buy more because you already build trust between you and them. They will promote your product or your brand because they already tested it, and they will show more loyalty and support through spreading and advertising your product or service with their friends and family. 

And these are the objectives of your customer engagement strategy; to encourage your customer to be more involved with your product or brand until they become advertisers of your brand.

With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!


How do you drive engagement?

There are a lot of tools and engagement strategies you can use to drive your engagement. 


Webinars are one of the effective tools you can use to have customer or client engagement. Webinars have interactive features that you allow to make polls, surveys, and Q&As that give you the opportunity to connect, communicate, and interact with your current and potential customers and clients. 

It is not just about getting 30 minutes up to 1-hour attention of the attendees. It will also create opportunities for attendees to explain and educate the marketers more about the product or brand while assessing and determining their interests, wants, and needs and produce more data about participants.  

Engagement Tools

Engagement tools can also help you drive engagement among your attendees. Engagement tools like polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, quizzes help you make your attendees more interested and engage during your digital event. 

After they answer and interact with you, by gathering this data. Now marketers have a bigger picture of their clients and give them the chance to better understand their prospects and plan the best engagement strategy to handle their digital experience journey more valuable.

Audience Interactivity

Audience interactivity is an important part to drive engagement. You can have this audience interactivity through social media channels or webinars. 

Like what we discussed a while ago, the webinar has a lot of interactive features that you can use to make your digital customer experience more interactive during your event. But this interaction between your brand and your audience should not end there. 

Do not forget that after the event you should still connect and still interact with your attendees, especially with those potential customers. This interaction after the presentation often misses, but this should not be overlooked. 

Because this part gives you more opportunity to build a new relationship with potential ones and strengthens the current relationship with your client. 

With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!

Why does experience feed into engagement?

Engagement Hub Experience

Quality engagement hub experiences are one way to help you make your customers more engaged with your brand.  Engagement hubs that are easy to navigate, user-friendly, and suitable content will help you attract more prospects that eventually will turn to be your loyal customers. 

All you must do is to create a helpful engagement hub that is suitable content for the interests and needs of your customer. And because you build an engagement hub that is filled with suitable content, it also helps the users to find the specific content according to their interests and needs. 

Once the customer selects a topic that they are interested in, they can also seek more content that is related to their chosen topic. 

Target Page Experiences 

Target pages include anything under the sun. This would be great if your target page is more on extra information and data about the speakers and their content for an event, case studies, researches, informative video, articles, and so on, that has to do with the content.  

With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!

Webinar engagement strategy

The webinar should be more interactive as it could be. So, if you are an event planner, moderator, speaker, or host, we will give you some practices to make your webinar engagement strategy work effectively.    

Share the Spotlight

Give one of your loyal customers the opportunity to take the floor. Let them give their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and even share their experience with your brand. 

Sharing the spotlight with your trusted attendees will help you educate the other attendees. Because of the good testimony, the good result, and the good feedback they heard, they will intimidate and encourage them to be more engaged with your product or brand. 

Sharing the spotlight with others will also make your event more informative and make them be comfortable. That will lead to open the conversation and feel more the discussion that everyone can relate to. 

Your loyal customer can be brand advocates on the stage on the spot. Let him/her talk more about your brands, how he/she discovered it, and what benefits she/he gained from it. 

You can use this webinar engagement strategy if you want to make your webinar more interactive and engaging or if you need to catch the attention of your attendees. This strategy will be your best shot. But keep in mind that your event should still align with your content, and still have a smooth transition from presenters to participants.

Q & A

One reason why your attendees leave your webinar one after another is that they feel disengaged and perhaps find your event a boring one. Thankfully you can avoid this kind of scenario with the help of Q&A sessions.  

Q&A is one of the best features of the webinars that you can use before or during your event. This Q&A session will help you build two-way communication with your audience to make your event more lively and engaging. 

Starts with asking them some question that is related to your content. After the attendees register their answer, you can make either a random choice or pick the best answer and have your attendees elaborate their answers, highlight some keywords, or you can pin it to the top of the chatbox.

You can emphasize the keywords you selected or add more information that connects to their answers and your content.  Having this kind of strategy will help the presenters to catch the attention of the attendees and make the event engaging.  

With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!

Live Chat

Q&A sessions are good to make an engaging discussion between the presenter and the attendees. While the live chat portion is good to make the engaging discussion between the attendees with other attendees. 

It is a good opportunity to create a community even if you are running a digital event. This sense of community is a sense of unity, unity with the same purpose and goal.

The attendees understand each other, they can relate to each other and they can share ideas and opinions with each other.  And this is a good sign, your attendees find your webinar content interacting not just because they are participating but also, they are communicating with their new virtual friends. 

Live chat has a lot of advantages. Some webinar platforms allow you to personalize the chat rooms, you can put your brand logo and customized the center-stage to make it look more professional.



Polls are another engaging feature in webinars.  Polls can be used to gather information, data, or feedback about your event, presenter, activity, or even your presentation by asking your attendees to rate them. 

In every event, whether it is physical or digital, it is important you received feedback from your attendees. This feedback will help you analyze what works best and what things you need to improve or if there needs to be changed for a better event soon. 

If you want to use this strategy you need to consider some things:

  • Make your polls as easy as can be. Most attendees don’t like the kind of polls that ask for a descriptive answer, just make it simple by using multiple-choice questions.
  • Display one question at a time and give the time frame for each question.
  • Keep your question simple, complicated questions can lead to misinterpretation.
  • Give them clear instructions on how to answer
  • Make them provide on how to make your event improved
  • You can use a graded poll 
With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!

Social Sharing

Social media and other online channels take a big part in digital marketing. Social sharing is one of the best strategies to expand your webinar and boost your brand awareness. 

Because millions of people are using social media, it can help you reach more audiences, customers, and clients. You can do a lot on social media to spread your event. 

You can use hashtags for your webinars, you can post your webinar events and the positive feedback of your previous webinar, or you can make a countdown of your upcoming event and post it in your social media stories. There are a lot of ways you can expand your events information through the help of social media.

Keep Stimulating

No matter how informative and great your webinar is, if you are presenting for how many hours, your attendees will leave the event. You should stimulate your attendees in different ways. 

One way is to cut your entire content into small-sized sessions with interactive activities and engaging discussions. While you are creating your webinars, why not take it as an advantage to add some interactive activities at the same time still aligned with your content to avoid some awkward gaps and silence.

Avoid dead air as possible, apply some in-room banners, or maybe a personalized message about what’s coming up next and match it with some background music. 

With the growing demand for webinars, one of the main factors for your event to stand out is by proving excellent client engagement. Here's how to do it!


A good rate of customer experience means having great customer engagement. To gain high-quality customer engagement you must equip your product with your perfect techniques and strategies, the right technology, and the best training. 

Only then you can achieve and deliver the best customer experience it could be.

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