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The coronavirus also known as the Covid-19 pandemic, which was started in China, has infected 213 countries and territories around the world. A number of 10,819,762 confirmed cases and a death toll of 519,272 deaths have been reported. 

Furthermore, because of Covid-19, classes are mandated to move, companies struggled to survive, events and meetings are being postponed. Most of all, we are now experiencing an economic crisis. 

The global Covid-19 has really impacted people and has changed their daily lives. People are scared to be infected by the virus, people are scared to step outside of their houses.

On the other hand, people can’t stay in fear during this current situation without doing anything about it. People need to move forward no matter how big or miserable the situation is. 

That’s why people are now going or doing their stuff online. Classes are online, companies have their remote employees, events, and meetings are done online and even business can be also online. This pandemic changes the lives of the people indeed.

What is a Webinar? 

The web-based seminar also known as a webinar is an online seminar that can be used to perform a meeting, event, lecture, or even a presentation. Wherever you are, you can connect with others using the webinar. 

The webinar is ideal for large groups or audiences to engage, interact, and communicate in online events. In it, you are also allowed to share audio, slides, or files. 

This webinar can be used even if you are influencers, remote employees, young professionals, and so on.

Different types of webinars

There’s a lot of variety of webinar presentations that you can use. We have here, live, on-demand, simulated, and sponsored types. So let’s get to define each one of these types. 


This one is quite popular, just set up a date for attendees so that they will be able to view your content online. There are also advantages when you use live webinars such as your attendees will see your expression just like during a face to face event. 

There will be an emotional connection with the audience or participants and this will make your live webinar more realistic. Just smile and laugh naturally, this will make you authentic as a traditional event. 

In the live webinar, you can connect also with your top fans and you can do shout outs during the live broadcast. This will build a strong relationship between you and your true fans. 

Meanwhile, if there are advantages there are also disadvantages. In live webinars, you can encounter some difficulties just like unexpected audiences or online trolls that might distract you while you’re online.

Another one, the perfect timing to conduct a live webinar. Of course, you have an audience across multiple time zones, you should think and decide wisely when the perfect timing to run a live webinar is. 

And most of all the common disadvantage of live webinars, are technical issues. Connection lags, audio, and video issues these kinds of technical issues will make your live event gone terribly.



If you are still at a shy level and can’t do a live webinar yet, you still have options. You can choose to have an on-demand webinar.

On-Demand webinars are recorded, edited, and even approved by your team before they are released. This will let you can present without any pressure to go live to the world while sharing your content with your global audience when you are ready. 

The advantages of this on-demand webinar are: you can edit your content, thus omitting the mistakes. You can also put some photos or other videos that may add value to your webinar.

You can also add effects, graphics, filters transitions, animation, and so on. You can edit your content as long as you want until you’re satisfied that your presentation looks interesting. If you are not satisfied with your record, you can record another one till you are satisfied. 

Moreover, if you have what they call a “stage fright”, this is a good choice for you. You can connect with others and present content with the use of this on-demand webinar. 

However on-demand webinars also have disadvantages. One of these is that you might lose audience engagement because you will not get real-time feedback from your participants or audience. 


Simulated live webinars or Simulive for short, means pre-recorded video plus live interaction. This means you can record your video or presentation file and play it at a specific time just like a live stream.

In simulive, you can interact or communicate with your audience while playing your pre-recorded video. Plus, you can conduct the same live webinar over again if you wanted. 

The advantage of this is that you can avoid technical issues, unlike your regular live webinars. Just like an on-demand webinar, you can always record and omit any parts that you don’t want to be included in the virtual event.

One of its advantages is that you can use a pre-recorded video but still you can still connect with your audience as if it is a live webinar. On one hand, it takes a lot of effort and time to organize and edit the simulive webinars and it lowers the number of attendees or audience rates than the live webinar.


In a sponsored webinar, it involves paying a third party to promote the webinar to their audience. That is why sponsored webinars are ideal for those who are looking to make money from their content. 

Sponsored webinars are also a good tool to promote your content to their audience as sponsors do it for you. One of the advantages of this type of webinar is it’s ideal for those looking to make money through creating and showing their content.

It is also effective an tool to produce leads by promoting your webinars. However, its disadvantages are that sponsored webinars take a lot of time to promote your content. 

Organizing with your sponsor may also need a lot of work and can be a bit costly.  

Why do you need to switch to webinars? Does it work? 

Because of what we are experiencing right now, all of our stuff is now virtual, even events as well. Now, we are still adjusting to online events like having meetings, watching, and streaming 

We only need to face our mobile devices or a laptop. No need to go and travel, no need to do meetups, and no more reserving any venues. 

Many switched to webinars because they find it more helpful and effective than ever. The webinar can help you still connect with your fans, audience, and others even in this hard time.

Webinars also help you grow your business and make more leads. 

Does it work? Webinars produce the best tools and marketing techniques. People have the benefits of webinars without leaving their comfort zone. Just simply open your laptop/ computer or any mobile devices with a camera, and don’t forget to connect it with your internet, and that’s it. 

You can now participate and be an audience or even a speaker if you want. Webinar really works.

Benefits of webinars 

So now let’s talk about its benefits.

  • Webinars are effective and the best way to boost your lead generation strategy, many marketers acknowledge this fact.
  • A webinar is a tool that will allow the people to communicate, attend and present safely and easily regardless wherever you are across the world- most of all in this time of widespread Covid-19.
  • Webinars create a bridge where people still interact and attend a special event, meetings or even presentations and directly engage with their favorite presenters for free and without any hassle to go outside.

When do I use webinars and which one should I use?

If you are confused about which one you should use and when you should use it, well here are the answers.  

When to use live webinars:

  • If you are presenting a live product or presenting a demo;
  • If you want to communicate and interact with your audience
  • If you are conducting Q&A sessions with your participants or attendees
  • When having a gathering wherein there is need of user’s engagement and behavior.

When to use on-demand webinars:

  • When gathering large mass across the world with having different time zones
  • If you have stage fright
  • If you want to have smooth content without encountering any technical issues
  • If you are making a webinar for training program purposes

When to use simulive webinars:

  • If you want to produce for the ease of pre=recorded but still want to host a live with Q&A session with your audiences
  • If you would like to focus their attention on live chat rather than just presenting it.

When to use sponsored webinars:

  • If you want to boost your lead generations
  • If you want to promote your lead generation  with a new audience
  • If you want to build and improve yourself as a thought leader

Now, if you are asking which one should you use? Well, it depends on what you want to achieve. 

In live webinars, it allows viewers and speakers to receive and give feedback in real-time. While the on-demand is great reaching new audiences most especially if the audience will not be able to attend the events for some reason. 

The simulive on the other hand removes the stress of hosting live events, avoids technical difficulties with a pre-recorded event. And lastly, the sponsored is an effective lead generation tool while lending credibility to your brand.


What’s the difference between the types of webinars

The difference between the types of webinars: Live webinars are done real-time with live viewers and are a better tool for engagement. On-demand webinars are pre-recorded are ideal for not time-sensitive content

Simulive webinars can generate a combination of live and pre-recorded types of webinars. The sponsored webinars will be a good tool to generate new leads to promote your content.

The Smart Solution

Now that you know the different types of webinars, it is safe to say that you now understand how this is a great advantage for businesses and companies. 

Another thing to note is that when it comes to webinars, technical difficulties may arise especially if you’ll opt for large scale virtual events. That’s why it is crucial to choose the platform that will let you do your webinars without the hassle. 

We recommend that you use JetWebinar, a webinar streaming platform that lets you host your own virtual events seamlessly and in high quality. They are also perfect for large scale events as they offer limitless attendees for their webinars. 

Your webinar will be uploaded directly to the cloud making it available to view and access in any type of device. No need to download bulky software or app, access your webinar anytime and anywhere. 

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