Online Training Software

Manage webinars for Agencies, Training conducted by the HR department, and Individual Trainers by utilizing our online training software.

  • Budget Friendly.
  • User-friendly webinar platforms for education.
  • Statistical Data.
  • Possibility of Integration during Webinar.
  • Broadcasting Globally.

Schedule Fittingly to Host Successfully:

Shape the entire webinar program to avoid any lapse during hosting. Start to send the invitations to invitees from your designated address book when you settle on date and time for the training program and circulate the information through social media.

Every aspect of this training program can represent your company when you use your brand logo as apart of customization. Along with facility to personalize the attendee emails, our tailored registration forms capture the essential information of the attendees.

Notify the Agenda:

Enlist the course details and the topics that are going to be addressed ahead of the webinar training session. Provision of information on the choice of works through links afore the lecture elevates the interest of learner.

Share to Increase Scope of Understanding:

Lively Illustrations through whiteboard and power point presentations should make a virtual session real enough for the trainees. Take the help of co-trainers for possible Q&A discussions. Mastery of expert trainer with engaging content stimulates and holds the attention of every trainee.
You can use screen sharing from our online training software with possible options to associate with learners.

Subtitling & Audio modes:

Subtitles provide a medium of convenience for learners to understand their presenter. They can be generated automatically during the live session.
Audio modes are differentiated as three possible modes conversation between trainers in private, allows trainees to present their insights and monologue of the presenter without interruptions from trainees.

Track the Progress/ Examine the Standards:

If the attendees are able to sink the webinar content or not can be evaluated by conducting Q&A’s, Multiple Choices, Surveys, Puzzles, and similar tests collaterally.
Conducting test evaluation before and after the session not only helps the trainee but also the trainer in executing future strategies to engage the learners.
Furthermore, we can’t turn a blind eye on the employee/trainee prior knowledge and assessment is necessary to analyze their skill set.
Our employee training software accumulates reports on attendance, ratings, performance results, test results and more.

Content Library/Resource Library/Training Content Management:

Following the end of the lecture, catalog the training content as video recordings, presentation material, and content.
You can provide them with website URLs and pdf handouts containing all the information on the lecture. Webinar recordings and resources can be stored in cloud storage generating links for a future revisit to have a look over the content for revision.